Wholesale Vs. Retail Rudraksha

At Rudradweep we are often asked a question that how come our rates are so low compared to the rates offered in the market our honest answer is that we are wholesalers and farmers and we grow through advance Green House technology which means that if a normal natural Rudraksha Tree gives Rudraksha once a year we give it artificial environment to get crops upto thrice a year.

In rudradweep being a whole saler we have a huge variety we can offer let say a 14 mukhi starting from 4500 INR to 4,50,000/- but the quality we vary hugely.

14 Mukhi Normal Season Rudraksha Price INR 4500/-

Notice the season fresh raw bead over here the mukhs or the lines on the rudraksha are there but not fully deep these rudraksha are as old as 6 months maximum and for it to reach the collectors grade it needs regular oiling and cleaning, more over the size of these rudraksha is almost half compared to the collectors grade, Rudradweep is a site offering pocket friendly rudrkaha normally such rudrksha are sold in retail for minimum 15000/- INR but here we only charge what is fair for us and our valuable customer.

14 Mukhi Collectors Season Rudraksha Price INR 25000/-

Notice the clear mukhs or lines on the rudraksha these rudraksha are atleast 35mm in size have clear mukhs and give results in less time.

21 Mukhi Seasons Fresh Rudraksha Price INR 75000/-

Notice the groves or mukhs on the rudraksha its size is normally 30mm to 35mm.

21 Mukhi Collectors Rudraksha Price INR 1,25,000/-

Advantages of Green House Farming of Rudraksha

Greenhouses allow you to control the temperature and humidity, a manipulation that allows you to grow rudraksha year round. In these closed microcosm, you can mimic the climate of any section of the world. You also have more control of the climate, leading to better crops.

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Gauri Shankar Rudraksha
Good for bringing Harmony in all kind of relationship weather family relationship around the friend and people in society or working places