Real Vs. Fake Certificates

In today's world Smart people don't leave any opportunity to cheat innocent people who cannot give time to test the authencity of the lab certificate they are getting, in this article we will throw light on the so called lab certificates.

Real Certificates

Rudraksha go through various tests in order to be certified some of them are :

X-Rays : The rudraksha is scanned unders X-rays to count the number of seeds present in it orignally in order to identify it real faces or mukhs.

Magenetic Field : The rudraksha is kept under Copper Plates and if the rudraksha changes its axis it is considered to be real.

Boiler Test : This test is the ultimate test to ensure that the rudraksha is real under this rudraksha is boiled in water for 300-900 degree if there is any oil or adhesive that gets burned in the fake ones and the real ones are left alone.

There are 2 more tests which are performed but since people tend to copy content we are not disclosing those tests

A real Certificate like in this picture can be reverified by going in to the labs physically or one can visit there website and enter the Certificate Number 61598 and Weight 10.07 cts.

and the results should be as follows

Fake Certificates

Today a popular name in the field of Lab Certification is IGL people print all kinds of lab certificates on to it but a smart individual can easily deduce and separate a real certificate from a fake one for example

Now notice the orientation of the certificate more over the mala was tested by the lab and given certificate I wonder which lab first takes the rudraksha and then returns it into a mala and make 1 certificate for the entire thing.
Secondly all Laboratories have a online website which uses the online tracking to show the results.  The authentic website for this lab is but the reference number returned no results.

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