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On Order Value above US$ 100 / Rs 5,650 / € 72 / CA$ 109 / £ 59 / S$ 124/ A$ 107 / MYR$ 332


Navgraha Stand with Japa mala

Placed in an acrylic stand, this 3.25" Navgraha yantra in gold plated copper consists of nine squares, each with a yantra representing one planet. Place in your Puja altar or work desk for removing malefic of all planets and inviting their grace. This comes with a Rudraksha mala of 108+1 beads of small sized five mukhi rudraksha beads of size 8mm in thread knotted in traditional style and tassel.


Navgraha Devta Frame and Hanuman Locket

A protection kit having a Navagraha Devta yantra of 4" in frame with a copper Hanuman locket for wearing on neck. The yantra is installed on altar at the beginning of every puja and is an invitation to Nav devtaas to bring forth blessings in the form of protection and success in various undertakings.

On Order Value above US$ 300 / Rs 16,950 / € 217 / CA$ 326 / £ 176 / S$ 372 / A$ 320 / MYR$ 997


Prosperity Plate and Mantra Kada

Imprinted with a Shree Yantra, the prosperity plate of 2.5" contains a seven-mukhi rudraksha, gomti chakra, moti shankh, cowries and sree phal and chirmi beads (black, white and red). Ideal to be kept in your altar or money safe, this plate attracts the Goddess of wealth Mahalaxmi to come and stay in your dwelling. Along with this a planetary mantra Kada in punchdhatu is provided to be worn on your wrist for blessings of planets.


Krishna Desktop and Hanuman Hanging

Beautiful hand crafted set of Lord Krishna desktop and a Hanuman artifact for hanging on your door/wall. Made in vibrant colors, they have an ethnic touch and will grace your dwelling with their divine energies.

On Order Value above US$ 500 / Rs 28,250 / € 362 / CA$ 543 / £ 293 / S$ 621 / A$ 533 / MYR$ 1662


Mini Puja Thali

This 5.75" diameter Pujan Thali in high quality shining brass holds a Bell, Oil lamp, Container and Incense stand.


Trishakti and Leaf Ganesh

A combination of Trishakti and Leaf Ganesh in shining brass to be hung near the entrance of your home/ room for invoking divine energies into your dwelling.
Trishakti: 4.1"(H)
Leaf Ganesh: 3.6"(H)


Gemstone Painted Ganesh

Carved out of natural gemstone (Agate, Jasper or Onyx), this hand painted Ganesha of size 2.1" looks very magnificent and will grace your work desk/ Puja altar. Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and the first to be worshipped among all Lords. His presence removes all obstacles and blesses with Riddhi-Siddhi.

On Order Value above US$ 1000 / Rs 56,500 / € 724 / CA$ 1086 / £ 585 / S$ 1242 / A$ 1066 / MYR$ 3323


Vaastu Kit

This Vaastu Kit contains a 3.25" diameter hanging surya and a brass multi-pyramid. They are placed in room for rectifying malefic energies due to Vastu dosha.


Heera Shankh Kit

The Heera Shankh Kit contains the rare Heera Shankh, a kurma stand in brass and a (108+1) beads Hakeek rosary. The Heera Shankh is a very rare Shankh, which is used to invite abundance in one's home or office. The Shankh is to be placed on the kurma stand such that the open portion is on the top and the opening of the Shankh (where water seeps out) faces the North.

On Order Value above US$ 2500 / Rs 1,41,250 / € 1819 / CA$ 2716 / £ 1464 / S$ 3104 / A$ 2665 / MYR$ 8309

One-mukhi Java with Kuber Idol

The rarest bead of One mukhi Rudraksha from Java in silver with thick silver chain. Rules superconciousness and brings one closer to God. Heals migraines. This comes beautifully packaged with a beautiful brass Idol of 3.2" of the custodian of wealth, Lord Kuber. Together this combination invites luck, wealth and abundance.