We offer Genuine Lab Tested Rudraksha Certificates unlike other who certify there products themselves and cheat people.

We have been in this field for the past 5 yrs+ and customer satisfaction is our motto, today in India even the top ranking websites selling "Rudraksha" are not willing to issue the original Rudraksha Lab Certificate. The reason for that is that they buy raw Rudraksha beads and they keep it dipped in Oil for months, since the oil enters the rudraksha bead it can no longer be tested in labs as the inner seeds of rudraksha are now oil filled. Although oiling the rudraksha gives it a natural shine and it makes it last long but so does the pickle or achaar in your house it just lasts long.

We are a part of Nepal Rudraksha Farmers and Traders Association we harvest and trade Rudraksha. Every year twice there is a large trade summit where Rudraksha and other Rudraksha Amulets are traded.

Upon Reciveing the stock for the season its alloted to the dealer networks where we send our stock to the laboratories for inspection and certification.

Rudraksha go through various tests in order to be certified some of them are :

X-Rays: The rudraksha is scanned unders X-rays to count the number of seeds present in it orignally in order to identify it real faces or mukhs.

Magenetic Field: The rudraksha is kept under Copper Plates and if the rudraksha changes its axis it is considered to be real.

Boiler Test: This test is the ultimate test to ensure that the rudraksha is real under this rudraksha is boiled in water for 300-900 degree if there is any oil or adhesive that gets burned in the fake ones and the real ones are left alone.

There are 2 more tests which are performed but since people tend to copy content we are not disclosing those tests.

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Gauri Shankar Rudraksha
Good for bringing Harmony in all kind of relationship weather family relationship around the friend and people in society or working places