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Mangal Kantha forms an armour around the wearer giving him protection from negativity, evil eye and psychic attacks.Pacifies all malefic planetary energy. After wearing Mangal Kantha, the wearer is blessed with immense peace. Narayana is often depicted as reclining on a Sheshanaga - the coiled, many-headed snake floating on cosmic waters that represents the peaceful Universe. This pose symbolizes the calm and patience in the face of fear and worries that the poisonous snake represents.
The message here is that you should not let fear overpower you and disturb your peace. The vehicle of Vishnu is the Garuda eagle, the king of the birds. Empowered with the courage and speed to spread the knowledge of the Vedas, Garuda is an assurance of fearlessness at the time of calamity 10 mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Lord Mahavishnu, Yama (God of death), Dus Mahavidyas and the ten directions. One who sees it or wears it gets eternal peace. The wearer gets rid of obstacles arising due to negative planetary effects. Wearer get

Design :
Mangal Kanthais made up of large 10 mukhi from Nepal.
No. of beads :
Bead Size :
15-20 mm
28-32 inches
Origin :
Ruling Planet :
Controls all planets
Ruling Diety :
Narayan and Krishna
Beeja Mantra :
Aum Namah
Diety Mantra :
Om Namo Narayana

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